30 June 2012 (1y.1m.)

a long and boring week, a normal day, a interesting evening and a great night. this is how I describe the beginning of the summer vacation.
since last night, my head was full of problems, solutions to problems, scenaries and another bullshits.
but now I realize that the only thing you need to throw away those things of your mind is to relax, and keep calm. maybe is the destiny, or maybe is the universal law of attraction, or maybe is just a simple coincidence… I really don’t know (despite the fact that sometimes I’d rather to belive that it’s the destiny) but the things worked out very well.
better that I expected.
and I feel a sort of happiness, peace. I feel good.
but I couldn’t stop of wonder: is better wait a time after the things are heavy to solve them, or we have to act by our instinct, impulsiv?
are we capable to manage something old that starts again? how should we protect ourself to not get hurt again?



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